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Sorry for the delay, but this comic will be on hiatus until January due to a biking trip in Portugal
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2014 Nov 04 text


I don't usually take advantage of the infinite canvas opportunity that the internet provides, but this time I just had to make the comic longer. The last panel was truly essential, I swear, but reducing the first panel at all was not an option because GORE! Yes that is a reason. Not sure it was a good one or not. Anyway, I am convinced that the awesomeness of this page makes up for the lacklusterness of the last one.

Current Vote Incentive: #46 Star, now colored. Getting back into art pics a little and the fanart100 meme, just the flats for now. Hopefully I'll continue it.

~ Lady Sol.

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Art work and story line are copy write to me, most of the characters belong to my players and most of the random rules information/spells comes from the Dungeons and Dragons core rule books. This is after all an illustrated campaign.

Also, now that the second phase of the comic has begun I must include a shout-out to Dungeon and Dragon Adventures, whose mask campaign setting lies at the heart of the story from here on out. Check them out.

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