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Feels a little weird to be drawing normal comic pages after over a year of combat and then surrealist dream sequences.

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Current Vote Incentive: Random Meme, take 4! Less magical than before. The original meme can beforehere, but you'll notice I got bored with the prompts and started making up my own towards the end.I'll put the whole thing on DeviantArt when I'm done.

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~ Lady Sol.

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Art work and story line are copy write to me, most of the characters belong to my players and most of the random rules information/spells comes from the Dungeons and Dragons core rule books. This is after all an illustrated campaign.

Also, now that the second phase of the comic has begun I must include a shout-out to Dungeon and Dragon Adventures, whose mask campaign setting lies at the heart of the story from here on out. Check them out.

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