The following is an overview of the principle gods of Plemar. Many more exist in the form of local deities or ancestors but they have little affect on the world at large.

Note: While the art on the rest of the site is mine, most of the symbols used for the gods are borrowed from elsewhere. Many come from Wizards of the Coast products, while others are just picked off of Google. The sole exceptions are the symbols for Eiliestree and Lady Sol, which I drew and colored; I also drew and colored Vecna's but the symbol wasn't my design.

The Gods of Plemar

Pelor-The shining one, the radient, the mortal protector
Major sun god
Symbol: Golden sun lion
Home plane: plane of radiance
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Sun, health, good, prosperity
Worshippers: Humans, Elves, paladins, good rangers and bards
Domains: Good, Healing, Strength, Glory, and Sun
Favored Weapon: Mace

Pelor is best known as a healer and a slayer of pestilence. He is always there for the needy and seeks to bring health and prosperity to the world. Of all the gods, Pelor is the mostly to directly intervene on the behalf of mortals.

Pelor is Lady Sol's consort and Plemar's most widely used calender is based on the deeds of his faithful.

Grumish-One eye, he-who-never-sleeps, lizard slayer
Major Orc (goblinoid) God
Symbol: An unblinking eye
Home plane: Red Shades
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: Goblinoids, war, strength, rage, preditors
Worshipers: Orcs, Goblinoids, warriors
Domains: Chaos, strength, war, orc, and destruction
Favored Weapon: Spear

Grumish is the ancient enemy of Corellon Larethian, because of this his followers generally go the great lengths to exterminate elves. Grumish is known for his hot temper and impulsive actions. Due to the large population of goblinoids in the north, Grumish has the second highest number of followers after Pelor. Grumish is the father of the Orc race, and provides great strength and power to those who worship him.


Grumish has a special fondness for large preditors

Heironeous- The invincible, the falcon, the avenger
Major god
Symbol: A hand holding the lightning bolt of justice
Home plane: Unknown
Alignment:Lawful good
Portfolio: Vigilance, justice, duty, valor, war, birds
Worshippers: Kalishens, paladins, warriors
Domains: Good, law, war, and air
Favored Weapons: Long sword

The paladin amongst the gods, Heironeours is a crusader for all things chivalrous and just. He is known as the watcher because he is constantly overseeing mortal affairs and guiding them towards righteousness. Heironeous is Hextor's half-brother, but they have little else in common. Heironeous's followers are the shield between the people of the world, and the evil machinations of Hextor. Because of their martial bent, the clergy and paladins of the Falcon have often served to stave off invading goblinoids and other threats to the kingdom of Kalishar.

Heironeous has a special affinity for birds.

Nerull- Reaper, Despoiler of Life, Bringer of Gloom, Plague Lord
Major death god
Symbol: skulls and blades
Home plane: Olympus
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Portfolio: Undead, death, plague, darkness, dark humor
Worshippers: Intelligent undead, necromancers
Domains: Death, Evil, Trickery, Plague
Favored weapon: Scythe

Nerull is the god of death and disease, he delights in sending plagues amongst mortals and watching their frantic attempts to save themselves. Nerull rarely shows his favor to the living, but he has man adherents among intelligent undead. His followers constantly strive to expand his influence mainly by destroying the living and bringing them back as their kin. To those of his followers who most devotedly pursue his ends Nerull grants matchless power.

Nerull is the younger brother of Boccob and Wee Jas

Obad-Hai- The shalm, Nature's Guardian, the green one,
Major earth god
Symbol: An oak leaf
Home plane: Olympus
Alignment: True neutral
Portfolio: Nature, harmony, patience, music
Worshippers: Barbarians, rangers, druids, and some bards
Domains: Air, Animal, Earth, Fire, Plant, and Water
Favored weapon: Quarterstaff

Obad-Hai is the god of nature and natural order. He is slow and contemplative and rarely intervenes in the affairs of mortals, preferring to tend to animals and the wild. Obad-Hai despises anything that arises unnaturally and his followers constantly work to rid the world of aberrations and undead.

Boccob-The Uncaring, Lord of all Magics, and the Archmage
Major god of magic
Symbol:An eye within a pentagram
home plane: Olympus
Alignment: True Neutral
Portfolio: Magic, knowledge
Worshippers: Wizards, sorcerers, sages
Domains: Knowledge, magic, trickery

As a god of magic Boccob spends most of his time discovering and creating new types of magic, which eventually trickle down to his followers. It is amazing he even bother to grant his followers divine magic, since he stays out of mortal affairs in all other ways.

Hextor- Herald of Hell, Scourge of Battle, Land Waster,
Major god of tyranny
Symbol: A grasping claw
Home plane: Inferno
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Portfolio:War, conflict, destructions, and insects
Worshippers: Evil fighters, monks, and hobgoblins
Domains: Destruction, Evil, Law, War, Hatred, and Insects
Favored Weapon: Flail

Hextor is the six armed god of war, he created the insect kingdom in his image, bearing six limbs and an armored exoskeleton. He is mal humored, and prone to cruelty and violence. His hatred for his half-brother, Heironeous, knows no bounds, and he constantly exhorts his followers to wreck havoc on Kalishar and aggravate Heironeous by any other means they might find fit. Only the strongest and most diabolical mortals find Hextor's favor.

Legend has it that the Desert of Wrath was created as a result of the Half-brothers' quarrel.

Moradin-Soul Forger, Allfather, The Stone King, Earth Render
Major god of dwarves and the underdark
Symbol: A warhammer
Home plane: Crystal Mount
Alignment: Lawful Good
Portfolio: Dwarves, smithing, metalwork, engineering, war, underdark
Worshippers: Dwarves, craftsmen
Domains: Earth, Good, Law, Protection, Dwarves, Gems, Metal
Favored Weapon: Warhammer

The Great Smith, the Forger of Many Things, Moradin cares deeply for his chosen race. He encourages them to constantly improve their skill and create unequaled weapons, gems, and stonework. Moradin is close to his people and often intervenes on their behalf.

Moradin is a close ally of the gnomish god, Glittergold.

Eiliestree-The Moon Maiden, Nightingale, Soulsinger,  Lady of Dusk, The Muse
Lesser moon goddess
Symbol: Two knotted moons
Home plane: Olympus
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Portfolio: Moon, music, art, dance, elves, dreams
Worshippers: Lunar elves, poets, artists, bards
Domains: Moon, Elf, Knowledge, Darkness, Good, Joy
Favored Weapon: Longbow

Eiliestree- is the goddess of the moon, starlight, and all things of beauty. She encourages her follower to find peace with themselves and with the world, and to use their inner harmony to create things of beauty. Eiliestree- is the chief deity of the Lunar elves and their strong traditions of song and dance spring from her teachings.

Lady Sol- Lady of the Golden Sun, The Vermillion Star, The Three Faced Crone
Major goddess of illumination and knowledge
Symbol: A sun inside a clockwork wheel
Home plane:Olympus
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Portfolio: Knowledge, history, light, time, sun, fey, truth
Worshippers: Historians, scribes, solar elves, fey
Domains: Sun, Knowledge, Time, Fate, Fey
Favored Weapon: Trident

The aloof goddess of knowledge and enlightenment, Lady Sol rarely shows her hand in the events of the world. She values knowledge and truth and encourages all people to seek them. It is said that she keeps a great book in which she records all that passes on Plemar.

Pelor is her consort.

St. Cuthbert- St. Cuthbert of the Cudgel, Voice of Justice, The Fist   of Justice, the Father of Law
Major god of law
Symbol: The Cross of Justice
Home plane: Ferrous, Land of Order
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Portfolio: Justice, judged, retribution
Worshippers: Judges, law enforcement, paladins
Domains:Law, Protection, Destruction, Strength
Favored Weapon: Mace

The hand of judgment and the patron of law, St. Cuthbert is often called on by city watches and other law enforcement groups. he is known to watch over trials and punish liars. Though not good himself St. Cuthert prefers good over evil, since good creatures are more likely to follow laws; his clerics mustn't be evil.

St. Cuthbert is a close ally of Heironeous

Wee Jas- Witch Goddess, Ruby Sorceress, Death's Guardian
Major Goddess of Death and Magic
Symbol: A ruby dagger
Home plane: Olympus
Alignment: Lawful neutral
Portfolio: Magic, death, fire, secrets
Worshippers: Witches, wizards, and sorcerers
Domains: Death, Law, Magic, Spell, Fire
Favored Weapon: a ruby dagger

The voice of moderation between her two brothers, Boccob and Nerull, as she is the middle child. Wee Jas is a demanding goddess who watches closely over her mortal followers, whether living or dead. Wee Jas has a vicious streak and favors darker more ollcot magics. Her followers fear her nearly as much as they worship her. She is said to hold the keys to the afterlife.

Fharlanghn- God of Roads, Dweller on the Horizon, Wayfarer,
Keeper of Crossroads
Minor god of travel
Symbol: A moon on the horizon
Home plane: none
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Travel, roads, distance, and horizons
Worshipers: Bards, merchants, sailors
Domains: Luck, Protection, Travel
Favored weapon: quarter staff

The God of Roads, the Protector of Drifters, Fharlanghn is a god who has seen many things; the dust of many worlds has settled on his cloak. Fharlanghn has few clerics but you can find small shrines to him almost anywhere roads cross. A wise traveler will make a small offering if he wishes for a fair journey.

Kord- Brawler, the Red Son, the God Who Laughs
Minor god of strength
Symbol: Double cross of spreads and maces
Home plane: Olympus
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Portfolio: Sports, athletes, competition
Worshippers: Athletes, warriors, oman tribesmen
Domains: Chaos, Good, Luck, Strength
Favored weapon: Great Sword

Though the principle deity of the desert dwelling oman tribes of the south, Kord is a respected deity throughout Plemar. Many fights and competitions are held in his honor and he is called upon in peace and war whenever mortals need a helping hand.

Olidammara- Laughing Rogue, the Vagabond, Master of Disguise
Minor god of trickery
Symbol: a twisted mask
Home plane: Olympus
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: Pranks, thievery, wine, disguise, and lusts
Worshippers: Bards, rogues, and vagabonds
Domains: Chaos, Luck, Trickery, Wine
Favored Weapon: rapier

A god of excess and perfidy, Olidammara can claim many worshippers, though few would admit it. His praises are often sung around kegs instead of alters. He is fickle with his favor, yet many a thief calls upon him in hope of gaining a pinch of his skill.

Olidammara was originally allied with Hextor, but is now very much his own man.

Lloth- The Spider Queen, the Dark Maiden, Queen of Lusts, Weaver of Chaos, Lady of Spiders, Demon Queen of the Abyss
Minor goddess of drow and chaos
Symbol: black widow
Home plane: Demon web pits
Alignment: Chaotic evil
Portfolio: Assassins, chaos, darkness, drow, evil, poison, spiders
Worshipers: Drow, assassins and sentient spiders
Domains: Chaos, Drow, Evil, Darkness, Destruction, Spider, Trickery
Favored Weapon: whip

Lloth, the Queen of Spiders, is a cruel and malicious deity. She cares only for herself and her own advancement. She delights in causing turmoil amongst her followers. Only the strongest and most cunning survive her trials, those that do are rewarded with great power. Lloth demands regular sacrifices from her followers.

Corellon Larethian- Creator of Elves, Orcbane, Blade Master
Major god of elves and war
Symbol: A crescent moon
Home plane: Siahnodel, (Moon Brook)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: Elves, war, dinosaurs, swordplay, magic
Worshippers: Elves, fighters
Domains: Elf, War, Chaos, Magic, Scaly Kind
Favored Weapon: a long sword

Corellon was he creator of all elves, he is also the ancient enemy of Grumish, whose eye he poked out, and all orcs. Corellon urges his followers to seek greatness and use all means possible to destroy the orcs. He promise that once the orcs are destroyed the world will return to the idyllic state in which it existed at the beginning of time.

Note: Corellon Larethian had not been heard from since most of the solar elves defected to Pelor several thousand years ago. His remaining clerics receive spells only infrequently and sometimes with drastic consequences. It is a matter of much discussion amongst scholars whether Corellon Larethian has abandoned his people, been imprisoned by Grumish, or is in fact dead.

Glittergold- the Joker, the Watchful Protector, the Priceless Gem, the Sparkling Wit.
Minor god of gnomes and gems
Symbol: A multifaceted gem
Home plane: Crystal Mount
Alignment: Neutral good
Portfolio: Gems, gnomes, pranks, intelligence, technology
Worshipers: Gnomes
Domains: Good, Protection, Trickery, Gnomes, Gems, Mentalism
Favored weapon: Battle axe

A light-hearted and energetic deity, Glittergold is fond of imaginative pranks and a good laugh. He encourages his followers to enjoy life and live it to its fullest. He watches closely over the gnomes, a race he created, and tries to protect them from harm. Glittergold is also very fond of new technologies, witness the thingamigs and strange machinery for which gnomes are famous.

Glittergold is a close ally of Moradin.

Yolanda-Protector and Provider, Nurturing Matriarch, Blessed One
Minor goddess of halflings
Symbol: a harvest horn on a shield
Home plane: Green Fields
Alignment: Neutral good
Portfolio: Harmony, Harvest, Family, Halflings
Worshippers: Halflings
Domains: Good, Protection, Halfling, Family, Luck
Favored weapon: Short sword

Always ready to help those in need, Yolanda is a kind and caring deity. She watches closely over the halflings and helps them defend themselves against any threat. She proclaims that halflings need to work together, both with each other and with nature, if they are to prosper.

Vecna- Maimed Lord, Whispered One, Keeper of Secrets
Minor god of secrets
Symbol: His hand and eye
Home plane: Unknown
Alignment: Neutral evil
Portfolio: Secrets, darkness, silence, dark magic, lies
Worshippers: Wizards, rogues, spies, assassins
Domains: Evil, Darkness, Magic, Knowledge
Favored Weapon: Dagger

A dark and secretive god, Vecna holds many things in confidence. His worshipers are often those who have the most to lose should truth be revealed. Vecna demands a heavy price for his silence and sacrifices are often made in his name.


Art work and story line are copy write to me, most of the characeters belong to my players and most of the random rules information/spells comes from the Dungeons and Dragons core rule books. This is after all an illustrated campaign.

Also, now that the second phase of the comic has begun I must include a shout-out to Dungeon and Dragon Adventures, whose mask campaign setting lies at the heart of the story from here on out. Check them out.

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