Maps of Plemar

"A traveler on unbidden shores, I see the world a flux.
So much passing in a haze, never trapped by sloth,
I come to you seeking shelter, a salve for blistered feet.
but I can never stay
my soul is wanderlust"
~Hynm of the tattered monks, faithful of Fharlanghn

Osclog (Lands of the North):

World Map from Kalishar

Huakni (Southern Lands):

Pictoral map of Huakni

What Lies Between:

Map of the Trade Islands (also known as the Elven Isles)


Art work and story line are copy write to me, most of the characeters belong to my players and most of the random rules information/spells comes from the Dungeons and Dragons core rule books. This is after all an illustrated campaign.

Also, now that the second phase of the comic has begun I must include a shout-out to Dungeon and Dragon Adventures, whose mask campaign setting lies at the heart of the story from here on out. Check them out.

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