Non-Standard Spells and Domains

My sister and I created and introduced a number of new domains to accompay the expanded roles the gods play on Plemar and to give our players some more options. Below is a list of the new domains; spells not found in the Players' Handbook will be linked so just click on them and your browser will take you to its description so you can learn about these awesome new reservoirs of power.

Most of the Spells and Domains can be found in various Wizards of the Coast products, but the ones with astrix we created ourselves.

New Domains

Granted Power: Gain the feat Blind Fighting


  1. Obscuring Mist
  2. Blindness/Deafness
  3. Black light
  4. Armor of Darkness
  5. Darkbolt
  6. Prying Eyes
  7. Nightmare
  8. Powerword Blind
  9. Powerword Kill

Granted Power: Gain the feat lighting reflexes


  1. Cloak of Dark Power
  2. Clairaudience/Clairvoyance
  3. Suggestion
  4. Descern Lies
  5. Spider Form
  6. Dispel Magic Greater
  7. Word of Chaos
  8. Planer Ally Greater
  9. Gate



Granted Power: Gain the feat Great Fortitude


  1. Magic Weapon
  2. Bear's Endurance
  3. Glyph of Warding
  4. Magic Weapon, Greater
  5. Fabricate
  6. Stone Tell
  7. Dictum
  8. Protectioin from Spells
  9. Elemental Swarm, Earth

Granted Power: Gain the feat Point Blank Shot


  1. True Strike
  2. Cat's Grace
  3. Snare
  4. Tree Stride
  5. Commune With Nature
  6. Find Path
  7. Live Oak
  8. Sun Burst
  9. Antipathy

Granted Power: You may protect a number of individuals up to your charisma bonus (including yourself) and always at least one, by granting a + 4 dodge bonus to AC which lasts for one round per level. If any individual moves further than 10ft from you everyone's protection is lost. Usable once per day.


  1. Bless
  2. Shield Other
  3. Helping Hands
  4. Imbue with spell Ability
  5. Rary's Telepathic Bond
  6. Hero's Feast
  7. Refuge
  8. Protection From Spells
  9. Prismatic Sphere

Granted Power: Gain Uncanny Dodge. Add your clearic levels to those of any other class granting you this ability, if any.


  1. True Strike
  2. Augury
  3. Bestow Curse
  4. Status
  5. Mark of Justice
  6. Geas/Quest
  7. Vision
  8. Mindblank
  9. Foresight

Granted Power: + 4 bonus on saving throws vs. spell-like abilities of fey.


  1. Faerie Fire
  2. Charm Person
  3. Inspired Aim
  4. Blinding Beauty
  5. Tree Stride
  6. Hero's Feast
  7. Live Oak
  8. Unearthly Beauty
  9. Sumon Nature's Ally 9

Granted Power: Detect gems a number of times per day equal to your caster level


  1. Magic Stone
  2. Gem Bomb
  3. Locate Object
  4. Stone Skin
  5. Major Creation
  6. Gem Golem*
  7. Summon Monster 7, gem creature only
  8. Trap the Soul
  9. Prismatic Sphere

New Spells

Armor of Darkness
Abjuration (darkness)

Level: Drk 4
Components: V,S, DF
Casting time: Standard Action
Range: Touch
Target: Creature touched
Duration: 10 min/level (D)
Saving throw: Will negates (harmless)
Spell resistance: Yes (harmless)

Targeted creature is cloaked in shadows. They gain a deflection bonus to AC of +3 (+1 for every four levels), darkvision 60ft, a +2 bonus on savers against Light, Good, and Holy effects, undead gain a +4 turn resistance. At casting time the caster may choose to obscure any of the targets facial features.

Black Light
Evocation (darkness)

Level: Drk 3
Components: V,S, DF/M
Casting time: Standard Action
Range: Close
Duration: 1 round/level (D)
Saving throw: Will negates, see text
Spell resistance: Yes, see text

Target creature, object, or location emanates supernatural darkness in a 20ft radius; even creatures with darkvision can not see through it. The caster can see through the darkness while in the area of effect, but not from the outside. If a creature or possessed object is targeted by the spell the creature receives a Will Save to negate the effect.

This spell counters or dispels light spells of a equal or lower level.

M: a piece of phosphorus

Blinding Beauty
Transmutation (good)

Level: Fey 4
Components: V,S
Cating Time: 1 action
Range: Personal
Duration: 1 round/ level
Save: Fort negates (see text)
SR: No

Caster gains the beauty of a nymph. Any humanoid within 60ft that looks at the caster becomes permanently blind (fort negates). The caster can supress and unsupress this ablility as a free action.

Note: The aster must abstain from sexual intercourse for one week prior to casting the spell.

Cloak of Dark Power

Level: Drow 1
Compoents: V, S
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 minute per level
Save: Well, harmless
SR: Yes, harmless

Touched Subject is surrounded by a dark hazy that protects it from sunlight. In addition, it gains a plus four resistance bonus on save vs. [Light] and [Darkness] spells.

Evocation (Darkness)[Ray]

Level: Drk 5
Components: V,S
Casting time: Standard Action
Range: Medium
Target: Up to 1 creature/ 2 levels
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving throw: Will partial
Spell resistance: Yes

The caster can project rays (max 7). The rays can be fired all at once (as long as all targets are within a 60ft radius) or one each round (though if the caster skips a round the remaining rays are wasted).
Each ray does the following:

  • Living creatures take 2d8 damage (no save)
  • Any target is Dazed for 1 minute (will negates)

Dispel Magic, Greater

Level: Drow 6
Compnents: V,S
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Medium
Duration: Instantanious
Save: None
SR: No

Cancels magical effects and spells on a successful Dispel Check (max + 20). This spell can be used in one of three ways:

  • Counterspell-Acts like a standard counter spell except it works against any spells, but a Dispel Check must be made!
  • Targeted Dispel - Each ongoing spell effect on one target gets a separate Dispel Check. If successful, the spell effect is ended (except for those caused by magic items, which are only suppressed for 1d4 rounds.)
  • Area Dispel- Each target in a 20ft radius burst gets a Despel Check. If successful, the spell effect is ended (the heghest caster level spell is checked first) until one is dispelled or all checks fail. Items are not effected.

A caster does not need to make a dispel effect against their own spell.

See Dispel Magic.

Gem Bomb
Conjusration (creation) [force]

Level: gem 2
Components: V, S, M (up to 5 gems at 1gp each)
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Touch
Duration: 10 minutes or until used
Save: no
SR: no

The caster programs up to five gems to do a total of 1d8 per 2 levels [force damage] (max 5d8). the caster can put all of the damage in one gem, spread it evenly, etc.... Once empowered, the caster can throw each gem up to 100' (range increment 20') making a ranged touch attack.

Gem Golem

Level: Gem 6
Components: V,S, M (gem worth at least 200gp)
Casting time: 1 full round
Range: Medium
Target: Gem worth at least 200gp
Duration: 1 round/level
Save: no
SR: no

Upon casting you transform a single gem worth at least 200gp into a gem golem. The gem golem is formed out of whter type of gem you use to create it.
Directing the golem to perform a complicated task is a move equivelent task that does not provoke an attack of oppertunity. The golem however can be given a simple task that it will continue to perform without direction until you diret it otherwise, (this includes such thngs as "attack", "protect", "destroy").
At the end of the spell or if the golem is destroyed its body crumbles into worthless dust the same color as the original gem.

Note: Actual golem statistics coming soon.

Inspired Aim
Enchantment (compulsion)[mind effecting][language]

Level: Fey 3
Components: V
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: 40ft radius emination
Duration: Concentration
Save: Will (harmless)
SR: yes (harmless)

All creatures within enimation receive a +2 insight bonus on all ranged attacks.

Spider Form

Level: Drow 5
Components: V,S, DF
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Personal
Duration:1 hour/level (D)

Take the form of a drider or mansterous spieder of tiny to large size. You receive all of the same statistices and restrictions as in spider curse except as follows:

  • You receive a posionous bite and web spinning ability
  • You gain one day natural healing.
  • You are not mentally controled by anyone.

Unearthly Beauty
Transmutation [Good]

Level: Fey 8
Components: V,S
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Personal
Duration: 1 round/ level
Save: (see text)
SR: yes

The caster gains the beauty of a nymph. A humenoid with in 60 feet that looks at the caster becomes permenantly blind. (fort negates) Also as a free action the caster can cause all creatures within thirty feet that are looking at the caster to die. (will negates)

Note: The caster must abstain from sexual intercourse for one month to be able to cast this spell.

Art work and story line are copy write to me, most of the characeters belong to my players and most of the random rules information/spells comes from the Dungeons and Dragons core rule books. This is after all an illustrated campaign.

Also, now that the second phase of the comic has begun I must include a shout-out to Dungeon and Dragon Adventures, whose mask campaign setting lies at the heart of the story from here on out. Check them out.

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